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Take any core system to the web, mobile or cloud. Generate APIs automatically. Deploy microservices anywhere.
Connecting Legacy Data with Today's Needs

OpenLegacy is an enterprise API integration platform for delivering core applications as digital services in a fast, automatic and secure way.

The solution allows for nimble integration of legacy systems with unlimited flexibility and unprecedented time-to-execution, enabling delivery of core applications as new digital services on mobile, cloud and web.

OpenLegacy can connect with mainframes, mid-range systems and applications, wrap them in Java, and enable microservices and APIs to be deployed in days instead of months, without any changes to backend applications. The great advantage here is that the solution can be used in parallel to existing infrastructure without any risk.

The solution can be implemented at any stage of integration, migration, development, and API generation and can focus on specific aspects – from small tasks to the entire environment. Clients can pay per API used, or per bundle, and are not locked-in to any long-term commitments.


Do these enterprise IT issues sound familiar?

  • Are your core (legacy) systems impacting your digital transformation?

  • Does your integration project backlog keep you up at night?

  • Lacking the skills needed for legacy system innovation and integration?

  • Tired of waiting months for your vision to materialise?

Why Use OpenLegacy's API Software To Help Legacy Integrations

  • Leverage your legacy systems for digital innovations 10x faster

  • Reduce time to market for any type of innovation initiative or collaboration

  • Leverage your entire technology stack in a modern microservices architecture

  • Embrace your legacy and on-premise systems as part of your innovative digital strategy

  • Automate the creation if microservice-based APIs using pre-built connectors.

API Integration Tools That Work The Way You Want - Fast And Easy
  • API Connectors

  • API Design 

  • API Enhancement

  • API Deployment

  • API Testing

  • API Management

If your business demands it, our technology can deliver it

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